Our 2024 Regular Decision Results

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Spring has finally arrived, and with the season's change comes one of the most important times for college applicants: Regular Decision Results season. Our students have worked hard, and we here at InGenius Prep are excited to announce our Regular Decision Results for 2024! 

Below is our list of the top national universities our students have been accepted to and our results for the top liberal arts schools. Be sure to check back frequently, as this page shall be updated with the latest results for this season!

2024 Regular Decision Results for Top 50 National Universities

School Number of Acceptances
Princeton University 9
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 14
Harvard University 8
Stanford University 10
Yale University 10
University of Pennsylvania 23
California Institute of Technology 2
Duke University 15
Brown University 13
Johns Hopkins University 18
Northwestern University 10
Columbia University 21
Cornell University 21
University of Chicago 11
University of California-Berkeley 29
University of California-Los Angeles 27
Rice University 11
Dartmouth College 5
Vanderbilt University 7
University of Notre Dame 3
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 25
Georgetown University 14
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 18
Carnegie Mellon University 21
Emory University 21
University of Virginia 11
Washington University in St Louis 10
University of California-Davis 56
University of California-San Diego 35
University of Florida 6
University of Southern California 19
University of Texas at Austin 11
Georgia Institute of Technology 20
University of California-Irvine 56
New York University 30
University of California-Santa Barbara 31
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 55
University of Wisconsin-Madison 19
Boston College 9
Rutgers University--New Brunswick 25
Tufts University 3
University of Washington-Seattle 18
Boston University 21
Ohio State University 33
Purdue University 29
University of Maryland-College Park 6
Lehigh University 4
Texas A&M University-College Station 3
University of Georgia 4
University of Rochester 15
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 6
Wake Forest University 2

2024 Regular Decision Results for Top Liberal Arts Colleges

School Number of Acceptances
Williams College 3
Amherst College 5
Pomona College 2
Swarthmore College 3
Wellesley College 5
Carleton College 3
Claremont McKenna College 1
Middlebury College 2
Wesleyan University 3
Harvey Mudd College 3
Smith College 2
Vassar College 1
Colgate University 2
Bates College 2
Colby College 1
University of Richmond 2
Berea College 1
Bucknell University 2
Colorado College 1
Scripps College 1
Pitzer College 1

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