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Yosepha Greenfield

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing
BA, Political Science, Yale

InGenius Prep

Yosepha Greenfield grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in Political Science. While at Yale, she was the Captain of the Women’s Basketball team and the starting point guard. Under her leadership, the team advanced to the NIT tournament for the first time in program history.

Throughout her academic, athletic, and professional career, Yosepha has dedicated herself to helping people become the best version of themselves. She has mentored several young female athletes, promoted the importance of fitness through children’s exercise videos and fitness startups, and now works to help as many students as possible achieve their admissions goals.

Yosepha is also a six-time National Champion in Tae Kwon Do.

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You Submitted Your Early Applications. What’s Next?

You Submitted Your Early Applications. What’s Next? Take a deep breath. For those of you who submitted Early Decision or Early Action applications, congrats! You’ve likely been working really hard for 4-6 months, putting together strong and compelling applications. In reality, you’ve probably been working hard for a lot longer than that—taking rigorous classes, maintainingKeep reading

College Rowing: How Sports Can Help You Get Accepted

College Rowing: How Sports Can Help You Get Accepted I can’t tell you how often students and parents ask me exactly what they need to do to get into Ivy League schools. As you well know, these schools are looking for the smartest and most talented individuals. In reality, there isn’t a simple answer orKeep reading

Waitlisted? 5-Step Action Plan for Getting off the College Waitlist

Waitlisted? 5-Step Action Plan for Getting off the College Waitlist Decisions, decisions, decisions. ‘Tis the season! For many, online college portals will bring a loud “YES!” or a quiet “noooo” to the room. But for others, reactions have to wait. Every year, thousands of students are waitlisted by their dream schools.   The length of aKeep reading

How to Impress with your Business School Resumé

How to Impress with your Business School Resumé The business school resumé is an absurd and challenging genre of writing. It suffers from severe constraints and yet, to be of value, requires an enormous amount of time and thought. It takes hours to create. But it is unlikely that it will be considered for moreKeep reading

College Visits: 21 Tips to Capitalize on Your Trip to Campus

21 Tips to Capitalize on your College Visits What to do on your college visits College visits are the best ways to learn about a given school – the culture, classes, student life, majors, location, and yes, the weather! There is only such much information that can be gathered from the internet and marketing brochures. Arriving on campus,Keep reading

Good Extracurricular Activities for Med School: What are Schools Looking for in Applicants?

Good Extracurricular Activities for Med School: What are Schools Looking for in Applicants? Preparing for medical school demands displaying your passion for both medicine and helping others. Like medical schools, other graduate school programs (think: business or law) require strong grades, test scores, leadership experience, and resumes. But medical school requires so much more thanKeep reading

Building a College List that is Right for You

Building a College List that is Right for You Building a college list list is one of the most important steps in the application process. Too ambitious of a list, and you could end up with very few or no acceptances. Too uninspiring of a list, and you will feel like you did not push yourselfKeep reading

High School Class Rank: Does It Matter?

How much does high school class rank really matter? The short answer is: a lot, sort of… More and more schools have started doing away with high school class rank all together. In many cases, school administrators feel that ranking systems make students feel bad, add unnecessary pressure to already stressed students, or don’t accurately depictKeep reading

10 Time Management Tips for Students Applying to College

Time Management Tips for Students Applying to College There are no shortcuts in the college admissions process. Applications take time. And it’s not that there aren’t strategies to better manage your time; it’s simply that effective time management requires diligence, hard work, and most of all – discipline. In this article, I’ll go over severalKeep reading

InGenius Prep Partners with Teach for China

We are very proud and excited to announce our new partnership with Teach For China (TFC)! After launching our collaboration with Teach For America last fall, we set our sights on expanding our reach and our impact. In this pilot program, we will help teaching fellows in China with graduate school admissions by providing them with freeKeep reading

Summer Courses for High School Students at Top Colleges and Universities

When it comes to college admissions, it doesn’t get more important than high school summers. While other students might be relaxing by the pool or going to the movies, this is your time to get ahead, to make valuable additions to your candidacy, and to get yourself one step closer to the college of yourKeep reading

D.C. Talks Getting into Yale with InGenius Prep

We are so excited for D.C. on his acceptance to Yale University! In this video, D.C. describes his experience with our college admissions experts and his journey to getting into Yale. “Throughout the whole process, my counselors at InGenius Prep were there to help me. So when my Yale University acceptance letter finally came inKeep reading

BeyondSuccess Interviews Co-Founder Noah Greenfield

BeyondSuccess’ interview with InGenius Prep President and Co-Founder, Noah Greenfield, covers the journey of how we started all the way to becoming a global admissions counseling company.   In this interview, Noah Greenfield answers: What a typical day is like The best advice he received upon starting this company His proudest achievements Top 3 book recommendations And more!Keep reading

Choosing the Best LLM Programs

InGenius Prep law school admissions expert, David Mainiero, discusses how to choose the best LLM programs for international students. If you’re applying or thinking about applying to an LLM program, press play!  

The Future of Big Data Analytics

Due to advancements in technology, there has been a shift in students’ ambitions at business school. While finance and management consulting remain heavy hitters, the rise of technology has initiated an increase in the popularity of big data analytics in business school programs. According to the Wall Street Journal, data and the ability to assessKeep reading

Angela Griffin Joins InGenius Prep’s Team of Admissions Experts

We are very excited to announce that Angela Griffin, the former Dean of Admissions at Cornell University, is the newest addition to InGenius Prep’s team of admissions experts! Angela comes to InGenius Prep with an impressive and extensive career in college admissions and higher education. Before joining us, Angela most recently served as the DeanKeep reading

An Expert’s Insight into the Transfer Application Process

Transfer admissions expert, Alain Poutre, gives an in depth look at the transfer application process in this interview. In this video, we answer all of the following questions: What are the major differences between the regular and transfer admissions process? Are transfers looking for something different? What does the actual process look like? When shouldKeep reading

Nhora Serrano Joins InGenius Prep’s Team of Admissions Experts

We are very excited to announce that Nhora Serrano, a visiting scholar of Comparative Literature at Harvard University, is the newest addition to InGenius Prep! Nhora comes to InGenius Prep with an impressive and extensive career in teaching and standardized test grading, making her an exceptional addition to our team of admissions experts. A graduateKeep reading

InGenius Prep Partners with Bright Star Schools To Provide Support Throughout the College Admissions Process

We are so very excited to announce our partnership with Bright Star Schools, a Los Angeles-based charter school! In this pilot program, we will be working with twenty of Bright Star’s highest achieving students to provide them with mentorship and application counseling for this year’s college admissions process. Without substantial financial resources, familial college experience,Keep reading

Cheating on the SAT is Easy

According to this article in the Harvard Crimson Admissions Blog, technologically talented high school students are using calculators as a means of cheating on the SAT. These students are reprogramming calculators to add mathematical functions, vocabulary words, and SAT software. In response, the College Board is removing the use of the calculator from one third ofKeep reading

How to Approach Top-Ranked Business School Application Essays

Business school deadlines are fast approaching and it’s time to write the most compelling essay of your academic and professional career thus far. As you sit down, reflect deeply and intensely on the following before you submit your business school application essays: You’re applying to Harvard Business School. We can see your resume, school transcripts,Keep reading

Do I Need Perfect Scores To Get Into Harvard?

A big misconception about Harvard University is that you can only get into Harvard if you have perfect GPAs and SAT or ACT scores. If this was true, every spot in the incoming freshman class – all 1,660 – would be filled by 4.0 students. If this was true, the average SAT score of admittedKeep reading

Law School Application Deadlines

Late August is upon us, the fall is near, and law school application deadlines are quickly approaching. If you are applying or thinking about applying to top 10 law schools, here is a breakdown of the application deadlines for each school along with the average LSAT score and average GPA of accepted students. For help planning andKeep reading

Your Business School Application Checklist

Complimentary Download: Your Business School Application Checklist. Grab a copy today to find out everything you need to know before you apply to business school. [ctt tweet=”Your Business School Application Checklist via @ingeniusprep” coverup=”xKbou”]  

4 Extracurricular Activities That Boost Your Law School Application

Gone are the times when law school admissions were only based on your LSAT scores and your undergraduate GPA. While those two factors still remain extremely important, admission committees now seek qualities that make you stand out among a diverse swath of candidates. Today, law schools take a much more holistic approach to the applicationKeep reading

Your Medical School Application Timeline

Applying to medical school requires immense thought, planning, and preparation. While the decision that you want to become a doctor can be made overnight, the application process takes much more time. Before you apply, it’s important to understand the medical school application timeline. You must carefully strategize when you are going to take the MCAT,Keep reading

Making Your Application Stand Out – Part 2

InGenius Prep college admissions advice on making your application stand out. Check out this InGenius Prep video for expert advice on how to make your college applications stand out. As the college admissions process gets more competitive every year, part 2 of this video series will give you tips from admissions experts on how toKeep reading

Early Decision vs Early Action: Which Option Is Best For You?

Applying to college requires making many decisions – which college to attend, which program to take, and when to apply. While admissions committees of different colleges and universities do their best to make college admissions process as simple as possible, applicants are still left with several important decisions to make. One decision that all prospectiveKeep reading

Featured Download: A Roadmap To Your Dream College

Be sure to grab a copy of our complimentary ebook, “A Roadmap to Your Dream College” for expert advice on how to prepare for your college applications.

Thomas Kang Joins InGenius Prep as Co-Director of InGenius Korea

Thomas Kang, an expert in the private education sector in Korea, is the newest addition to our InGenius Prep team. Kang, a graduate of the University of Chicago, Stanford, and Harvard, thoroughly enjoys working with hard working and ambitious students seeking to attend college and graduate degree programs. With hopes of helping more students fulfillKeep reading

InGenius Prep Launches Partnership with Tier One Tutors

We are excited to announce our partnership with Tier One Tutors, a Los Angeles-based in-home tutoring company. The partnership will give students access to both customized test preparation and admissions counseling. Recognizing that admission to college requires both quantitative and qualitative components, InGenius Prep and Tier One Tutors are working together to provide their studentsKeep reading

Score Choice and How To Use It To Your Advantage

For all of you getting ready to apply to college, it is important that you know about the valuable college admissions tool – Score Choice. This College Board feature gives you the option to choose which scores you send to which colleges at no additional cost. Score Choice allows you to choose the SAT scoresKeep reading

Google Launches Partnership with InGenius Prep

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Google! InGenius Prep is partnering with Google, known for providing tremendous benefits to its highly educated and elite employees, to help their employees pursue advanced degrees. This lifestyle partner program, set to launch June 1st, will give Google employees and their families a special discount onKeep reading

InGenius Prep Partners with Teach For America to Place Low-Income Students into Top Universities

We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Teach For America (TFA) to help place low-income students into highly selective universities. The pilot program, set to launch this summer, will recruit teachers to identify and select 10-12 high school juniors from under-resourced neighborhoods to receive mentorship through the college application process. Without financialKeep reading

A Change in Harvard’s Admission Process

Harvard’s newspaper, The Crimson, just announced that the SAT II is no longer required for admission to the prestigious university. Last week, Harvard’s Admissions and Financial Aid Office stated that they are making the change as part of a continuing effort to draw more low-income applicants. While taking these tests (and getting a perfect orKeep reading

MBA Hiring Quickly On The Rise

According to the Corporate Recruiters Survey, Graduate Management Admissions Council’s annual survey of employers that recruit on business school campuses, the job market for 2014 MBA’s is greatly improving.  In comparison to 2013 hiring results, the job outlook for the class of 2014 business school graduates is on the rise, as more and more companiesKeep reading

Done with College. Now What?

For all of you who are just graduating or getting ready to graduate, congratulations. It’s well-deserved! You’ve made it through all-nighters, 50 page essays, and some of the best times of your life. This is a time of conflicting emotions – sad to say goodbye, curious about the next chapter, and anxious about what theKeep reading

10 Tips to Reduce Test Anxiety

Taking the MCAT in the upcoming weeks? Think about this – Confidence, along with preparation, plays a big role in test-taking. Your mental state and psychology play an important role in your decision-making ability, focus capacity, and the consequent results. In preparation for your upcoming test, here are 10 tips on how to reduce anxietyKeep reading

Habits for College Admission and Beyond

The biggest difference between those who want to succeed, and those who do succeed, is not intention, nor access to information, but the ability to do what we know we should do. Doing is hard. Ask any adult who has been trying to get on a fitness routine.  However, here are our 20 minute habitsKeep reading

The Importance of Inspiration in Academic Performance

This guest post is written by Mark Skoskiewicz, Founder of MyGuru, a boutique tutoring company that believes in the power of deliberate practice to build intelligence and improve performance over time. Over the past 10-20 years, evidence has been mounting that one very commonly held belief is seriously flawed; that our success in academics, sports,Keep reading

How to Get Ready for the LSAT in 6 (Not) Easy Steps

The LSAT is a difficult test, but it’s also standardized; that means it’s the same, over and over again. You can use this knowledge to your advantage! Getting the best possible LSAT Prep is a matter of learning a new language; you’ll have to understand what the test writers are looking for when they askKeep reading

So You Finished the October LSAT – Now What?

First off, congratulations!  Take a deep breath.  If you’ve made it to this post, you’ve completed a key component of the law school admissions process — taking the October LSAT. Before you get too comfortable or stressed over that final logic game (like I did!), it’s time to refocus your energy on the remaining portions of your application.  TheKeep reading

Choosing Writers for Your College Recommendations

So you’re agonizing over whom to ask to write your letter(s) of recommendation for college. Should you choose your AP Chemistry teacher because you’re looking to go pre-med and he can speak to your science skills? Or maybe your history teacher could capture your growth as a student because she taught you freshman and juniorKeep reading

Is the Law School Diversity Statement for You?

First of all, let’s be clear: the law school diversity statement is not just for racial or ethnic minorities.  Although race and ethnic diversity are one component of diversity, the term is far more expansive.  You should approach the diversity statement as an opportunity to tell the admissions committee something unique about yourself, about whatKeep reading