Heather Dianno

Former Regional Admissions Director, University of Pennsylvania
Former Regional Coordinator for Student Interviews, UPenn
Former Senior Interviewer, University of Pennsylvania
BA, University of Pennsylvania

InGenius Prep

I began interviewing for my alma mater over fifteen years ago. I loved the opportunity to talk about my school and hear about the amazing things students were accomplishing. I was happy to step up and coordinate interviews for my region. After working so closely with the admissions staff, I was given the opportunity to work as an auxiliary applications reader and a Regional Admissions Officer. I love the energy of the admissions process.

One of the keys to the college application process is the ability to manage a lot of moving parts. My strong multi-tasking experience will benefit you in your search process.

I am also the proud mom of two kids – my oldest will be a junior in high school this year. I am learning to appreciate the process from the other side of the application. I look forward to bringing all my experiences to bear to help you find the best opportunities for college.

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