Elizabeth Culliton

MEd, Higher Education, University of Pennsylvania
BA, Communications and History of Art & Architecture, University of Pittsburgh

Hi there! I'm a former admissions officer from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to my time at Penn, I studied at the University of Pittsburgh where I double majored in Communications and History of Art & Architecture. I moved to Philadelphia and went to work at The Wharton School in Alumni Relations. I earned my master's in Higher Education at the University of Pennsylvania while serving as a TA for my master's program and also reading applications for Swarthmore College.

Aside from my admissions work, I was an educator and fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association and was also the Deputy State Director for a US Senator in PA, managing his statewide operation. I have also had the privilege  of counseling students directly in the application process who have gotten into schools like Penn, Dartmouth, USC, NYU, and GW. Most fondly, while working at the undergraduate admissions office at Penn, I was responsible for the daily operations of the visitor center, interacting with over 200,000 students and families interested in applying to Penn! I learned how important it is to be present and listen to each student who needs help identifying what they're looking for in a school. I also learned what resonates in the admissions process and I look forward to helping you find your voice as you navigate the application process.

I consider myself a great listener and cheerleader, and I believe that every student is special and has something unique to offer. In my spare time, I love being outdoors golfing, skiing, or going for walks. I also love hanging out with my husband and our two girls. We have regular dance parties in our house and we love watching The Voice!